I'm ready for Spring :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Yeah, I know.. it's still like a month till Spring. But here in the South, somedays it already feels like Spring. And I have no desire to wear winter clothes anymore. I want to be barefoot.. in short sleeved shirts. In light, frilly skirts. So, I decided I'm going to do a new winter/spring in between clothing post. I hope you enjoy it :)

Love the colors in this one... (again..I wouldn't wear the shoes--my sis might tho :) 

I would only wear this with the sweater and a scarf probably, but I love the hair!! 

very casual.... but modest! 

A perfect everyday style! 

all pics via pinterest
Love this one...and the verse next to it is awesome!! 

Which do you like best? How do you wear your hair when it's in between cold and warm days? 


  1. OOooo I really like the first outfit. I would probably wear it in either dark blue and white, or red instead though. I usually always wear my hair down, whether cold or hot. If it's extremely warm though, I will typically pull it into a high pony tail, but I try to avoid that....

  2. yep, i would totally wear those shoes!!!

    yo sis.

  3. I like the "very casual.... but modest!" outfit. I like the colors and the style. I like the shoes better in the last outfit, though. :)

    Thanks for posting! It is a fun post.


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