October Baby Movie Review...

Friday, February 14, 2014

So, I promised my blogger friend that I'd do this movie review. If you've never seen her blog, I encourage you to do so....she has a very nice blog over here!! I've never done a review on any sort of product. Unless telling my Mom how a book was counts as a review :) Well, we'll see how this goes.

First let me start of by saying.... I LOVE this movie. It's among my 2 favorites of all-time!  I recommend it to all of my friends, and most of my friends have seen it :) I'm going to divide this review up into these categories : The Story, Immoral Scenes, Wonderful Lessons Learned. 

The Story- I'll try not to give any spoilers....but ask my friends and they'll say that I'm not too good at keeping the best parts a secret :) So, if you haven't watched it, and you want it to be a total surprise.. *you might not want to read on*. Well, I gave my warning.... 
The movie starts out with a struggling teenage girl....she doesn't understand the purpose in life or why she doesn't feel accepted in this world. When an slight accident happens on stage while preforming and she has to go to the hospital the story that has been kept a secret for 16 years tumbles out before her. The value of forgiveness and love is soo wonderfully portrayed in this film as she goes on an agonizing search to find her birth-mother. And to know the rest, you have to watch the movie :) 

Immoral Scenes- My mom is very careful about which movies we watch. And seriously, there is only one short kiss.... and that was by a married couple. I'd be careful about watching this with guys, simply because some of the clothes she wears shows cleavage....and immodesty. If hugging a guy that is not your husband bothers you....then probably you will be disappointed with the film. One scene of Jason and Hannah dozing on the couch...but there's nothing wrong being shown.  

Wonderful Lessons Learned- Forgiveness, Love, Acceptance.....the list could go on and on. But I'd really like you to watch the movie and tell me what you learned of it!

*Personal Thoughts*

My favorite scene from the movie: I don't know why, but the part when Hannah and Jason are on the rocks and she breaks down....I just love that part!! What's your favorite part? 

My favorite actor in the movie: Okay guys, Hannah is awesome....and sometimes she is my favorite actress. But I think Jason is my favorite actor in this movie.... What about you? I mean seriously, he is always there...and never gives up on her. 

Have you ever watched this movie? What did you think? Did you like it? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! 


  1. Hi Chloe! I just found your blog and it's so nice! :) I haven't seen October Baby, but I've heard of it before. Great review! It sound like a good movie.



  2. i have long wanted to watch this movie! i heard many good reviews about it (including yours :D) and i think i'll like to check it out soon (:

  3. We have that movie its very nice lovely post!
    Hudson :) ♥

  4. I love this movie!! I love the part about being wild with scrabble lol!

  5. Thanks so much Chloe!!! :) Wow, you do a great job at writing a movie review! Sounds like a really good movie!


  6. Yep I have ;) -me ;) n I LOVE it! its a really powerful movie n I encourage everyone to watch it.

  7. I watched the movie and I think it was so sweet. Although I wonder why a good guy likes Jason would like her unpleasant girlfriend. I also don't know why Hannah doesn't feel accepted...does she have a feeling that she was aborted?

    I watched the movie in Faithbuilder class and a guy said the actress was pretty... I thought she looks a bit like Avril Lavigne but still, he doesn't have to comment that she's 'hot', right? -_-



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