Switzerland Picture Post....

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Good morning...or it might be afternoon or evening where you live, so I should say Good day. I hope you all are having a fabulous day!! Today I'm going to do a Switzerland Picture Post...so be prepared for a lot of pictures. These pictures are all mine..so please don't steal.... and they are mostly all taken by my sis. She's a much better photographer than I am :)

Typical Swiss scene... mountains and lake 

Sorry, the head of the swan is cut off, but isn't this pic so cool!? 

I love this picture! 

Alp horns.. Have you ever heard them? They are very interesting 

Once we went to an 'ice castle' and there were a bunch of ice carvings. 


Looks like a storm :) 

This is a train like the one we took to go up to the highest place tourists are allowed to go in Switzerland. I actually had a hard time breathing there. 

Tiny chalet 

Typical waterfall 

At a castel. Chateaux Chion...

Looking over onto the lake.. 


Don't you think it would have been awesome to live in a castle? 

A boat that takes tourists around the lake :) 

IT was beautiful! 

So medieval looking... 

That's the castle itself 

Tons of snow. Well, not a ton..but a lot :) 

My hand on two different cantons. Or at least that's what I think it is :) 

Have you ever been to Switzerland?


  1. Wow!! What a wonderful place to visit! It is amazingly beautiful! Nope- never have I been there...

    Just to let you know- Bek and I are still planning on taking up the awards you tagged us for we are just putting a time break in between our last ones!


  2. Such a lovely post, Chloe! Unfortunately I've never travelled but thank you for sharing all your photographs of this beautiful country! Love, Kelly-Anne

  3. Such lovely pics! You don't live there, do you? It's such a beautiful place, and it's on one my 'really wanna go there someday' list. Always has been.
    Tane ♥

  4. No I have never been to Switzerland.. :( But these pictures are gorgeos I love the first, third,10th, and 19th! But they are all so lovely, nice post. Grace xxx ♥ :)

  5. These pictures are lovely! I just love the castle ones -amazing!! I would absolutely love to see a castle one day. :)


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