Crafts and Awesome/Awkward

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello to each of you. Well, today I was browsing through my Google+ account and came across this really cool piece of 'jewelry' I think it's beautiful, and I really want to try to make it. I might do it tomorrow, if I do.. I'll try to let you guys see how it turned out. But, I will post pictures below of this 'jewlery/craft' thing. Let me know if you like it!

                                                               (From Pinterest)

And now, I'm going to try to do one of those Awesome and Awkward posts.... I'm slightly nervous about doing this since it's the 'first time in forever' that I've done it. 


~Running into people at church and having to repeat excuse me or sorry continuously because of it :/

~Telling my mom that I'm going to take a shower now and not getting into the shower for another 2 hours. 

~Not being able to sit like an Indian (crosslegged) while everybody else in the circle I'm in is doing it. I really can't do it!!  Yeah.. it's crazy! 

~ My brother telling someone in front of me that I once shot a bow and arrow towards myself.. totally accidentally :)

~Having a conversation with my friend about the crunchiness of bread. Seriously guys, bread isn't good if the crust isn't at least a little crunchy! 

~Having a 'yes and no' argument with my sister and at the end forgetting what we were even arguing about. 


~Being able to text people :) 

~Finishing all my mid-term exams!!!!!!!

~Having someone say that I have beautiful hair.... 

~Being able to smile at a older person or a little girl and have them smile back. It's so rewarding:) 

~Lovely, summery, sunny days.. Love them! 

~Spending time with my family :) 

What have you done this past week?
Have a wonderful evening/afternoon/morning :) 


  1. Totally agree with you about the bread thing. Chock-full-of-preservatives-bread with dry (not hard) crusts is disgusting.

    Also, I like how you're a crafter. I'm not patient enough to do all that, and I admire people who can make stuff like that :)

    Sweet blog--and I'm planning on shooting you an e-mail soon :D


  2. SWEET! I absolutely love the jewellery, it's sweet, simple, and pretty. Doesn't look too hard to do too! And yes please, do a post on it if your trying it out! I'd so love to see it!


  3. That jewelry is so pretty! I know what you mean about not being able to sit crossed-legged - I can't either. :/ It hurts. I'll be sitting awkwardly trying to hold my legs down and trying to at least sort of sit crossed legged and everyone else it sitting like it's the easiest thing in the world! I just don't get it! lol

    Fun post! :)


  4. oooh! We LOVE that bracelet! It is GORGEOUS!!! Hahahaha! Love your Awkward and Awesome! :)

  5. all of them look so fresh and creative! i'll like to try it out soon :)
    rainbows and dreams


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