Outfit Post ~ Awe/Awk

Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Monday to each of you! I'm sorry for not having posted in a while. I took a unexpected blogging break for 2 weeks! Well, my last outfit post was 'well taken'.. and i want to thank all of you for that! So, I decided to do another outfit post. This is what I wore yesterday :) Hope you enjoy.. OHH, and there's another Awesome and Awkward post in the end :)

Don't you love the ruffles? I don't wear this shirt very often because it has a big gap in the front.. if you look, you can see that I put a scarf under my shirt to hide it. 

OK, so I've wanted a maxi skirt for a very long time. I went to TJmaxx and found this black skirt, I decided I'd get it since I didn't have a black skirt. I really like the length of it and the way it falls! 

I just pinned my hair to the side and put a flower in it (not real flower). I braided it the night before so in the morning it was very wavy and slightly poofy because of the humidity!

:) yeah.. I was dizzy after this picture was taken :) 

Looks like summer :) 

Just recently got these shoes. Heels and me do not get along very well tho :) 

Shoes: DSW shoes
Shirt: Ross
Skirt: TJmaxx
Scarf: My mother :) 

Let me know what you think of it!? 


~Looking at your friend and going towards her.... in the process, bumping into a ton of people.

~ Not being able to open an umbrella.. yeah, annoying! 

~Giggling while you say something that really isn't funny.

~Going down stairs in church, in your hand is the month of may activities that you are reading, slowly walking down, and half way down I look back and see my skirt trailing like a wedding train.. so then I end up running down stairs, still trying to read the calendar :) 

~ Three people singing 'For the First time in Forever' and everybody starts at different places in the song. 

~Trying to take a picture of myself and a friend and almost dropping my iPod in the process because I can't click the button.. I've got small hands. 


~My sister's birthday! 

~Having someone who actually corrects my grammar :)

~Playing Piano!

~When your mom comes back from being out and says that we are moving. (That really happened!)
~Beautiful warm weather

~'I thank you God for this most amazing day' gorgeous choral piece!! It's been running through my head all week.

~Finally getting a blog post done :) 


  1. Bella foto! Mi piace i capelli ! Nuovo video su i capelli?

    Tua amica,

    Scusami per il mio italiano

    1. GRAZIE!! forse un giorno posso fare un video!


  2. U r so pretty Chloe!

  3. Neat post! I've been trying to dress up like that and put it on my blog, but it's a lot harder said than done. ;) Great job!


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