A Day in Italy

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

 Every time I go to Italy I am greeted by this site: International Airport of Catania. From the airport you can see a gorgeous active volcano, the Etna. You can see a lot of people scurrying around trying to get to places quickly. You hear the lovely language of Italian. You smell the fresh warm air of the Mediterranean.. Now you know, you are in Italy. Don't you just wish you could be there?!

Follow me around for a day as I try to recount in pictures and in words my experiences so you can experience them too
Rubbing my eyes I stretch, yawn, and sit up in bed. Sunlight is streaming from the window, and I jump out of bed so happy that it's going to be a gorgeous day! I have a lot planned for today.. and I won't bore you with the details, but go with me as I go downstairs, eat a wonderful nutella and bread breakfast. There's a lot of talking among my Grandma and extended family about what's planned for the day Finally, we get up from the table, do dishes, have our devotions, and the work of the day officially starts. 
We all cram into a car and drive to my aunt's 'campagna' (translated it means 'country') she has a small house there and that's where they spend their days during pistachio harvesting season. I've never been pisttachio harvesting before.. so this is new for me, but hopefully I'll find it enjoyable :) 
 Getting to the my aunt's little house on the countryside.. there are pistachios everywhere... it smells like pistachios, it looks like pistachios.. and there are pistachios strewn all over the ground. Okay, I don't really care for pistachios, so the scene isn't very appealing.. but whatever. I go up to my aunt and ask if there's something I can do "Si, Si, Si... vieni qui" which means 'Yes, Yes, Yes.. come here'. So I go to where she's beckoning me, and I'm put to sorting through thousands of pistachios. It actually was quite fun :)
Yes, that's me in the picture above... and all the bags behind me are filled with pistachios. So I'm pretty much surrounded by them!  I sorted and sorted and sorted, finally the call for 'mangiare' came. Everyone perks up and goes inside to eat. The house is small.. no light.. no air conditioning.. not the cleanest, but who cares.. there's FOOD!!

Sausage, all types of olives and the best thing ever... FRESH BREAD!!!!! IT'S TO DIE FOR!!!! OK, not literally, but it's one of the best things on the planet.. that's not exaggerating ;) 
After eating we spend a lot of time talking and arguing about a ton of different things. WE go outside, work a little more before heading outside again to work. 
Finally after a couple hours we leave and go back home to get ready for the big dinner our cousins are preparing as a 'we're-glad-you're-in-Italy' party :) 
We get to the party and are swarmed by Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and friends. Listening to an argument about fish, tasting the wonderful homemade macaroni, playing a hilariously fun game of 'table pool', getting corrected when you totally butchered up an italian sentence... imagine yourself where I was. It's awesome!! 
Playing dressup with friends, and yes, that's me.. looking quite horrible lol :) 
After a long day, it's grown quite dark, we again pile back into the car and drive home. Sleepy, we get into our Pj's.. thank God for the amazing day He's given us.. and fall into a deep, peaceful, sweet-dream filled sleep :) 
*** All pictures are taken either by me or my family so please do not borrow or steal without permission!! 

Please let me know if you enjoyed this! Have you ever been to Italy? Did you enjoy it? 


  1. I've never been to Italy, but I would definitely go there just for the food. Mmmmmm....

  2. Ora, ho fame. aaa.. cibo delizioso! Io non aspetto visitare l'italia! Perchè io sono ascendenza italiana, vorrei amo visito la mia famiglia li. Io sono felici quello hai avuto un tempo bello in la bella Italia.

    Ciao, ciao!

    La tua amica di blogger.

  3. I've been to Milan but I've not went to the country side. The picture of the grass and the houses look very beautiful, and the barbeque sounds fun :D.

    I want to travel again ><. But I'll probably complain about waking early in the morning because of the tour schedule!



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