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My name is Chloe...I guess I'll start from the beginning.....

One snowy day over 16 years ago I was born at home to an overjoyed Father and a very relieved Mother. I am the first child of 3... I have a sister (Leah) and a brother (Elijah). When I was about 4 years old my Father passed on to heaven, leaving my Mother a widow. It's been a wonderful opportunity seeing how God really does care for the orphans and the widows. He is always there, even if it doesn't seem so. At the age of 13 I gave my life to the Lord, and my greatest desire is to learn more about Him!! My amazing mother home-schools me and my siblings, I am in 10nth grade and do Abeka Video School, I love being home-schooled...its the best ever!! I was born and raised in America for my first 12 years. Ever since I can remember we've been moving from one house to another every 3 years or less..in 2011 we moved to Switzerland where some of my relatives live. It was a very good experience, and it was there that i learned German, and the limited amount of French that I speak. I also speak Italian since it's the only language my Grandmother knows who lives in Italy. I love visiting Italy, it is so unique, and interesting!! About 5 months ago my family and I took a trip to Israel for almost 3 months. It was the most amazing experience ever...I made absolutely awesome friends, and just being there and living in the culture for a couple months was so neat!! I'm glad that you found my blog, and I hope you decide to stay around a bit!!

Facts About Me:

  • I am home-schooled
  • I wear skirts 99.9% of the time
  • I love my family
  • I've been to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Mexico, U.S.A, and Israel
  • Hanging out with friends is a favorite hobby
  • I enjoy sewing (occasionally)
  • I enjoy cooking
  • I LOVE babies and toddlers
  • I am a Christian, I am a sinner saved by the wonderful Grace of God!!! 
  • I am not tall at all....in fact I'm only about 5 foot or, at most, 5'1 


  1. Yay! I am DEFINITELY following you! The blog looks great. It is so cool that you have been so many places. Maybe we could have a conversation in French or Italian sometime. What nationality are you? Just curious. Grazie.


    1. I'm pretty much full blooded Italian I think :) There might be another nationality of some sort. But not that I know of :) Yeah..that would be cool to have a Italian conversation sometime...my french is REALLY bad though!!

    2. Cool sounds great. :) We'll have to set up a time to.

  2. We have some things in common =) My family are missionaries and we travel very often- although I have never lived out of the states! That's so cool that you lived in Switzerland! Do you still live there? I've always dreamed of visiting there! My family homeschools also. love it so much.

    1. That's so neat that you're missionaries...I've always dreamed of being a missionary. No, we live in the Southern United States :) You should visit Switzerland sometime...it's very picturesque and...COLD (in the winter that is :)

  3. Ok so I had no idea you've traveled so much! I've always wanted to go and visit a bunch of foreign countries(in Asia mainly). Thats cool that you have family in other countries! That awesome that you can speak or know some of all those languages!!! I was wondering what language is spoken in Switzerland?

    1. :) German...but it's a dialect of German...called Swiss German. And people ask if it sounds different...YES it does!! People from Germany can hardly understand people from Switzerland...it's pretty much two languages (almost :)
      I've always wanted to 'explore' Asia.....Hopefully someday i'll be able to :)

  4. We're so glad you started a blog!!

    Your "about" page is so awesome! Oh, we have always wanted to visit Israel!

    Your blog is a new favorite!
    ~Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah Keller~

  5. Hello(:
    I was just wondering what religion were you?
    God Bless!

    1. I am a Christian!! I go to a Conservative Baptist church. :)
      God Bless

  6. Hallo! Mur geht es dir, danke! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog - that brightened my day. :) And I loved that you used German - very cool. I know only a few of the greetings (hello, how are you, I'm good, etc.), but I love all languages. Anyway, I will not start talking about that, because I might not stop. ;) Just kidding.
    I think that is amazing that you've traveled so much; I'm sure it is an adventure. I've yet to leave the US, but I know someday that time will come. :) I am also encouraged to hear that you trust so fully in Christ. That is always a blessing to hear. :)
    Yep, I was homeschooled all of my school-years, and I agree - it is the best. I am so thankful for being homeschooled! :)
    Thank you again for your comments - I'd love to get to know you more. :)
    In Christ,

    1. Hi!! I'm so glad you responded to my comment..I really didn't expect you to :) Me too...languages, travelling, and orphans are some of my passions!! I'm still learning to trust Christ fully.....I'm a very young Christian, but God is so patient...and so awesome!! I'd love to get to know you better too!! How do you pronounce your name? BTW there's quite a few people in Switzerland with your name :) They just say it differently...the say RAHEL...and pronounce the H :)


  7. Hello again! :) oh yes, I share your passions - even if I haven't had the chance to travel quite yet. :)
    Learning to trust fully if a life-long thing, I think. He really is so patient and awesome!
    My name is pronounced just like 'Rachel' - my parents just added the extra 'e' to call me "Rae" :) Really? That's neat! That's a cool way of pronouncing it, too - I like it.
    Oh, and I was going to say in my other comment, that I too wear skirts 99.9% of the time. =)

    1. Ok :) Are you in college? Traveling is amazing!! Of course, there's down sides to it as with anything else.....but I wouldn't trade my life with anybody's :) IF you could go anywhere in the world where would you like to go? Nice!! I don't 'meet' many blog girls that wear skirts a lot. I love it, it's so feminine feeling. ~Chloe

    2. No, I'm not in college. I don't plan to go either - just don't feel that's God's will for me. I'm just learning what He wants to show me here at home. :) Hmmm...that's a hard question...My top three places I want to visit in the world (not necessarily in order) are Russia, Northern Ireland, and India. India I kind of know I'll visit, because that is where I feel strongly that I will mission - God is already preparing me for that. And then I'd love to visit Alaska sometime...Oh! And DEFINITELY Greenland and Iceland. I'd actually like to try living in Greenland... :)
      Oh I know, it is sometimes hard to find other skirt-wearers! I love it, too, though. :)

    3. OH my, are you serious!? It's my dream to go to India, it's been my dream ever since I was like 8 years old. I really, truly hope that God calls me there someday...I'd love to build an orphanage there! Haha...what the fascination with Greenland? BTW, if you'd rather email me rather than 'comment chat :) you can email me here bloomingmaid@gmail.com

  8. You have such a beautiful blog, Chloe! I'll certainly be following you! Can't wait to read more of your posts! Love, Kelly-Anne www.kelly-annesblog.blogspot.com

  9. Mir geht es gut danke! I'm Christian :) x

    1. Thanks for replying so quickly!! Do you really live in Ireland?! I really want to go to Ireland sometime!!

    2. Yes I live in Ireland and am from there. :) I'll be sure to do a ton more travel posts in the future including about Ireland. I have these annoying mocks going on (haha again another Irish thing!) which are just important(ish) exams so I haven't had the chance to update in a while! Anyway enough of this, thanks so much for following (I've added a widget for following at the bottom of my blog - thanks for the heads up!), I'll be sure to do the same!

      Anna x

  10. Hello!

    I'm Natasha. You hv a really sweet and pretty blog!


  11. Just found your blog and really like it... I have to say I am quite intrigued by your story. I am going to start following you! That is really neat that you speak so many languages. I studied Latin some and have currently been learning Chinese for the past 4 or so years.

    I also, wear skirts quite a bit, though am not strictly "skirts only". I enjoy wearing both skirts and pants, and due to my lifestyle skirts are not always appropriate. My family owns a small ranch and so skirts aren't always the most practical for me.

    Just curious, where do you live now? My family has moved quite a bit too! The running total is 3 states and at least 9 houses, though it sound like you probably have me beat in this area.: )


    1. Hi Maria!!
      I'm glad you found my blog! I live in southern United States now...I try not to say the state name. But so far the total of my life is 6 states, 4 countries, 3 continents.. and at least 11 houses. WE are actually moving again in less than a month :) Don't you love moving?! Wow, that's cool that you're learning Chinese! Is it hard?

  12. +1 on living in the South. Like your blog!



  13. Thank you for commenting on my blog, Chloe! Your blog is awesome! I'm a new fan. :)


  14. You have such an interesting story! <3
    I'm in awe!


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